Fukushima Today and Japan’s Energy Future

    FoE Japan’s “Fukushima Today and Japan’s Energy Future” report looks at the situation facing people affected by the nuclear disaster, provides a compendium of related news stories, and also sheds a light on Japan’s energy policies and citizen-based efforts to move toward a sustainable energy future. (The original data of publication is indicated in each article)

    Voices from Fukushima

    Road from 311

    Special contributions for 2021 Edition


    Fukushima Today

    Recreation and recuperation for evacuees during the Pandemic

    Following the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, various organizations have been working on "retreats (...
    Fukushima Today

    The Reality of Nuclear Power Plant Workers

    Katayama Natsuko (Tokyo Shimbun reporter) “GO!” In the summer of 2011, more than four months after the accident, ...
    Fukushima Today

    Government plans to reuse contaminated soil from nuclear accident

    Farm roads where the government plans to use soil from decontamination work In early 2016, the Ministry of the Env...
    Fukushima Today

    Deficient nuclear evacuation planning

    In September 2012, the government of Japan replaced the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and the Nuclear Safety Com...
    Fukushima Today

    Top News of 2019

    Evacuation orders lifted in three “difficult-to-return” zonesElectricity procurement: Many local governments go back to...
    Fukushima Today

    Current conditions for evacuees

    “Right to evacuate” not respected After the nuclear accident, the central government’s Nuclear Emergency Response He...
    Fukushima Today

    Ocean Discharge of ALPS Treated Contaminated Water

    The government was expected to make a decision in the summer of 2020 on the release of the contaminated water that cont...
    Fukushima Today

    Top News of 2020-21

    The following is a selection of top news stories from 2020-2021 regarding nuclear power and energy. Please also see the...
    Fukushima Today

    Nuclear power versus climate change

    Is nuclear power a solution for climate change? In recent years the world has experienced an increase in the frequen...
    Fukushima Today

    Survey reveals electricity procurement trends of local governments

    Survey reveals electricity procurement trends of local governments Major utilities reclaiming former customers, a majo...