15 Solar power is variable, but there are ways to compensate

Solar power and other renewable forms of energy are variable, but there are many effective ways to compensate.

During the hours indicated on the date marked with a circle in the infographic, the share of renewable energy in the Shikoku Electric Power Company service area exceeded 100% of electricity demand. Renewable energy generated 52% of the day’s total electricity generation (solar power accounted for 24%).

On May 4, 2019, renewable energy supplied 62.9% of Japan’s national electricity generation at one point, and  accounted for 31% of the day’s total electricity generation.

The increase in solar power generation during the day is adjusted using pumped water storage and grid interconnections, and then electricity is generated in the evening using pumped storage to augment the supply to meet peak power demand.

The No. 3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear plant was undergoing regular inspections, but a restart was blocked by a provisional injunction from the high court. As a result, no nuclear plants are currently operating in Shikoku (as of June 2020).

Source: ISEP Energy Chart https://isep-energychart.com/