International Symposium: 3.11, 12 years on – Learn about Fukushima and the world today, create a nuclear free tomorrow


March 11 in 2023 will mark 12 years since the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. While many people were deprived of their homes and are still displaced today, the Government of Japan is not only restarting nuclear power plants, but has also announced a new policy of extending the 40-year operation period of nuclear power plants to 60 years or more, and even building new nuclear power plants. Despite many unresolved issues and the decommissioning of the plant not yet in sight, the government is promoting policies as if the nuclear disaster never happened. Releasing contaminated water into the sea is also being pushed through without the consent of local communities.

Together with the international NGO Peace Boat, we will hold an international symposium to learn, think and discuss about the current situation after the nuclear disaster and the global nuclear situation. In solidarity with people taking action in Japan and abroad, we will discuss what we can do to abandon nuclear power and move towards a nuclear-free future. The nuclear disaster has not yet ended. This is an opportunity to connect and hear the voices of those who are still displaced and those who oppose nuclear power in different parts of the world.

Symposium Contents (tentative)

Part 1: The Ongoing Nuclear Disaster
Responsibility made Invisible: The TEPCO Criminal Trial and Contaminated Water from the Nuclear Power Plant… Muto Ruiko (resident of Miharu Town, Fukushima)
The 3.11 Children’s Thyroid Cancer Lawsuit – Thoughts of the Young Plaintiffs … Kumazawa Miho (lawyer)

Part 2: Nuclear Power and Energy Policy
Nuclear Power is Not a Climate Change Solution… Leona Morgan (Member of Diné No Nukes, Navajo, USA)
Promotion of GX and Nuclear Power in Japan … Mitsuta Kanna (Executive Director, FoE Japan)
Relay Talk by evacuees, people living in Fukushima, a guest from Germany and youth

Symposium Details

Title: March 4: 12 years since the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster – Learn about Fukushima and the world today, create a nuclear free tomorrow

Date and time: March 4, 2023 10:30-13:00 JST (for in person participants: venue opens 10:10)

Venue for in-person participation: University of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No. 4)
Address: 4-2-24 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Access: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line St. Hiroo, one minute walk from Gate 4


Registration is required for both online and offline participation. Please register from each URL for online and offline below.
Online (Zoom webinar): register here
In person in Tokyo (Japanese language only): register here

Language: Simultaneous interpretation will be provided between English and Japanese for online only

Participation Fee: Free of Charge(Online/Offline)*Registration Required

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